What is Hermionie Grainger’s middle name?

It’s pencil sharpening time as the international Kids’ Lit Quiz comes to the North East.

What is the Kids’ Lit Quiz?

The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual literature quiz for students aged 10 – 13 years designed to encourage children to read widely. Heats are held all over the place including Australia, Indonesia, the USA and of course, the United Kingdom. Following the Heats and National Finals the Champions from each country compete in the World Final set to take place in 2020 in New Zealand.

From Nigeria to……Newcastle!

Despite some of it’s far flung locations the quiz is also stopping off at Newcastle to hold the North East Heat for the UK. During the event teams of four children will complete to answer 100 questions on children’s literature. All questions are written by Quizmaster Wayne Mills. who wanted to give star readers a chance to shine at an age where reading traditionally dips amongst children. There is no prior reading list and no limit in the quizzes scope with topics ranging from comics to classics and Spot the Dog to Shakespeare.

Can I join?

If you haven’t already entered it’s too late for this year as the North East Heat takes place today at Gosforth Central Middle School. However if the quiz sounds like your or your schools type of thing then head over to the Kids’ Lit Quiz website to find out more details including sample questions and how you apply for next years Heats.

Oh and Hermionie’s middle name is Jean!