The Scribe by AA Chaudhuri #BlogTour

The Scribe by AA Chaudhuri

We review book one, The Scribe, in new coupling Kramer and Carver. A plucky young lawyer (Kramer) and a job hardened Chief Inspector (Carver) who might just be attracted to each other…..

The Scribe – The Blurb

“A killer is targeting former students of The Bloomsbury Academy of Law. The victims – all female – are gruesomely butchered according to a pattern corresponding with the legal syllabus. Even more disconcerting are riddles sent by the killer to investigating officer, Chief Inspector Jake Carver, offering clues as to who is next and where they will die.

Up-and-coming lawyer Madeline Kramer, a former classmate of a number of the slain, soon finds her life turned upside down by the savagery. And when she decides to help Carver track down the killer, she places herself in mortal danger. Can Maddy and Carver unscramble the complex riddles and save the lives of those destined to die?

A killer pairing

Whether a series will work or not so often depends on the pairing and Chaudhuri has given herself the best chance possible by introducing us to Kramer and Carver. Kramer is bright, independent, and pretty strong willed (especially when standing up to a killer). Carver could be very stereotypical – he is divorced and is married to the job. Yet Chaudhuri pulls it back by introducing a son, who he cares a lot about. The amount of punches thrown by Carver (in the gym, totally legit.) also seem to outweigh the amount of whiskeys he sinks. Add a sniff of attraction between the two and you have for a very interesting, evenly matched pairing.

I also liked Drake, Carver’s number 2. So often in a series like this the pairing would feature around these two, yet Chaudhuri again defies convention which gives Drake’s character a whole new spin. It was refreshing to read.

A killer plot?

There’s no getting away from the fact that there are some pretty grisly deaths in The Scribe with the violence all being directed at women. Main suspect Stirling was a total sleaze bag. The lengths some of the women were prepared to go to for him was astounding! I did feel a little deflated about his ending, but I won’t go in to detail as I don’t want to spoil the plot for you.

The plot definitely keeps you guessing. Is it Professor Stirling? It must be! Is it his wife? No, it’s got to be Stirling! I did have an inkling about half way through the book who it was going to be but didn’t totally get it right which I quite liked.

Overall Chaudhuri is off to a cracking start with her duo. There is definitely romance on the cards for Kramer and Carver which I for one would like to see. It will also be interesting seeing how they plausibly collaborate again in the future.


My thanks go to Endeavour Media for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. The Scribe was published on 8 July and book two in the series, The Abduction, will be released in December 2019.

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The Scribe