The Man In The Dark by Jonathan Whitelaw

The Man In The Dark

Following on from Jonathan Whitelaw’s Hellcorp we have a date with the Devil aka, The Man In The Dark!

The Man In The Dark – the blurb

The Devil’s back – and he’s STILL not had a holiday.

There’s another mystery to solve – a woman kidnapped by terrorists and the world trying to find her. While he hates doing God’s bidding, The Devil can’t resist trying to put one over on Him. But nothing is EVER that simple.

While The Devil helps the London cops crack the case, there’s trouble in the Underworld. And two of humanity’s greatest backstabbers – Brutus and Cassius – are sharpening their knives with an eye on stealing his crown.

It’s a race against time to find the girl, be the bad guy and maybe, just maybe, stop the apocalypse.

Devil in disguise

I haven’t read book one in this series but quickly picked up the thread. I loved the concept – the Devil inhabits a second rate human body whilst trying to stop Hell from going to…Hell! The book delivers great humour and I quickly found myself warming to the Devil and his sidekick policewoman Laurie. Despite how it sounds, you do actually start to believe the Devil is roaming around London in disguise investigating a kidnapping.

He or She

I also loved how God was referred to as a He AND a She. Throughout the book God inhabited many bodies and therefore came in all shapes and sizes. What a lovely thought. The dialogue between God and the Devil was particularly good and often raised a smile.

The book did get a bit brutal – the cockroach part in particular made me squeamish, as did the resolution of the kidnapping. Yet I wasn’t put off. The ending was strong and, dare I say it, left the way open for a book three?


My thanks go to Urbane Publications for sending me a copy of The Man In The Dark. Their books are always beautifully put together, artwork on each page, very eye catching cover. and I really enjoyed my date with the Devil.