Summer reading suggestions

Suitcase by Laura Langston

Be it as far away as the South Pacific or as near as Southport, we have the perfect summer reading accompaniment.

For the jet-setters (and the wish they were)

If five star luxury at the Four Seasons is your kind of holiday (in my dreams) then you need Something In The Water by Catherine Steadman. There is a Pretty Woman shopping moment, a secret door in the first class departure lounge and something in the water in Bora Bora that is going to cause one honeymooning couple a whole heap of five star trouble. Kick your summer reading off in the airport flight lounge, ideally with a glass of bubbly.

Something In The Water

If you’re heading west this summer and sampling the delights of the U.S of A or Canada take Sister of Mine by Laurie Petrou with you. It’s slim enough to fit in your hand luggage yet ripples with heat and tension. Two sisters in small town Ontario bound by one terrible secret makes perfect holiday nighttime reading.

Sister if Mine by Lauria Petrou
Sister of Mine

OK, so you’re heading to Oz. That’s a LLOOONNNGG plane journey. You’re going to be needing a hell of a good book. Don’t worry, shove Jane Harper’s The Lost Man in your flight bag and you’re sorted. Working out why Cameron Bright chose to walk to his death in the punishing Australian Outback will leave you not even noticing take off. Send us a postcard as a thank you.

The Lost Man

For the Euro lovers

We actually reviewed this last year, yet Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter still more than deserves it’s spot on our 2019 summer reading list. A tiny 1960’s sun drenched Italian fishing village is the ideal setting to any summer read. Throw in some Hollywood glamour, some filming of the Taylor/Burton Cleopatra movie and a bit of present day tie in and you have the perfect poolside read.

Beautiful Ruins

If french food and wine is the order of the day then you need White Truffles In Winter by N M Kelby. Don’t be put off by the winter reference. Truffles follows the life of famous french chef Escoffier and his affair with the beautiful but reckless actress Sarah Bernhardt. Food is referred to on every page and the whole thing in utterly delicious. Read whilst people watching and sipping delicate cups of strong, strong, black coffee.

White Truffles in Winter

A new crime or thriller can often make the perfect summer read, especially if it is set during summer in Portugal. Fallen Angel by Chris Brookmyre is about an explosive family reunion following the disappearance of family member and toddler Niamh sixteen years earlier. What lies will be spilled as the sangria starts to flow? Find out as you read this one beachside.

Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

For those wanting Scandi Sunshine

Yes we get that Scandinavia is in Europe, but their fiction is totally in a class of it’s own. In an even more exclusive subcategory sits A Modern Family by Helga Flatland. Discover the beauty of Norwegian contemporary fiction as Sverre and Torill announce to their grown up family that they are about to divorce. The shock waves are quietly devastating, the book is totally stunning. Find a balcony, a glass of something chilled and devour in one sitting.

A Modern Family by Helga Flatland
A Modern Family

Neon paint, flamingos and murder make for an unusual combination but work fabulously in dark comedy-thriller Palm Beach Finland by Antti Tuomainen. Grab your Elton John sunglasses, a pimped to the max cocktail with at least three (non plastic) straws and enjoy.

Palm Beach Finland

For those stuck in a tent in England

If you can’t have the sun, you can at least have a giggle at Emma Kennedy’s disastrous camping holidays in the 70s via The Tent the Bucket and Me. No matter how bad your camping experience is, Emma’s was worse! Best read snuggled in a sleeping bag, with a headtorch.

The Tent The Bucket and Me

That’s our summer reading recommendations for no matter where you’re travelling. How many will you be sneaking into your suitcase?