School’s out – children’s summer reading


Ever heard of the summer slide? No, it’s not an inflatable water slide seen only in parks over August. It is in fact the decline of a child’s reading ability over summer due to their long sustained period of not reading. So how do you tempt your kids to read, without feeling like you’re just making them do homework? Well try our children’s summer reading suggestions on for size.

The Blockbuster

David Walliams is hands down the UK’s best selling author right now. Hoping to carry on with his tremendous success ‘The World’s Worst Teachers’, a spin off from ‘The Worlds Worst Children’ series, hit our shelves on 27 June. It’s bound to be the children’s summer reading blockbuster, with its short snappy stories and fab illustrations ensuring it appeals to kids.

Elsewhere Liz Pichon’s protagonist, Tom Gates, also offers a summer holiday lifesaver with his ‘Mega Make and Do & Stories Too’. Containing a number of suggestions to keep kids entertained all devised by Tom who needs to keep himself amused as his parents have forgotten it was half term. Oh if only it was a week we were dealing with and not six!

Curious minds

‘When do we leave Brexit?’ ‘Why is there only an Irish Question and not a Scottish one?’ If the current state of affairs have stoked your child’s curiosity but not their grasp of the facts then try them with Politics for Beginners by Louis Stowell. It’s an Usborne book offering a child friendly no nonsense guide to politics.

If you’re sick to the back teeth of anything remotely to do with Europe, what about introducing them to the ‘Fantastically Great Women’ non fiction series by Kate Pankhurst? Or how’s about a bit of poetry with the 300 page ‘I Am The Seed That Grew The Tree‘. Released in collaboration with the National Trust it features a collection of poems for children all celebrating the great outdoors.

Confidence boosting

Mental health is sadly now an issue every parent needs to be aware of. Help your child conquer their worries with ‘You Are Awesome’ by Matthew Syed. It’s perfect for anxious children with its inspirational protagonist – Kid Awesome. Does a new school beckon? Try ‘Ella on the Outside’ by primary school teacher Cath Howe. Ella is the new girl at school, who doesn’t know anyone and doesn’t have any friends. Will she make the right choices and the right friends?

Beloved Authors

Long time favourite Jacqueline WIlson returns with the razzle dazzle that is ‘Dancing the Charleston’. Meet Mona whose life changes dramatically when the lady of the house dies propelling her into a world of fancy balls, bohemian friends and dancing! Did you know Michael Morpurgo has written over 100 books for children? His latest is ‘In The Mouth of The Wolf’ based on the true story of two brothers during World War Two.

New to you (and them) authors

‘The Good Thieves’ by Katherine Rundell, ‘Rumblestar’ by Abi Elphinstone, and ‘The Boy Who Flew’ by Fleur Hitchcock are all brand spanking new books that may appeal more as children’s summer reading choices given that they have no association with school reading lists. They are all out now in paperback at pocket money friendly prices.

Golden Oldies

Don’t let rain stop play by introducing them to endless summers, complete with lashings of ginger beer and jam sandwiches, via ‘Swallows and Amazons‘ or ‘The Famous Five’. Don’t want the summer to end? Get them reading ‘Peter Pan’ the little boy who never wanted to grow up. Or set sail for an adventure with pirates, maps and mutiny on ‘Treasure Island’. Who needs to even leave the house?

There’s more than a few there to keep children (and adults) reading over the summer, so grab a cushion, your best reading voice and enjoy reading together.