I’d rather be at Book Club

What's your Book Club tipple?

Here at Book Social we love to talk books, and where better to do this than surrounded by people who love books. Better yet, if those people have read the very book you have just read. So you can all talk about the same book at the same time! You’ve got to love a Book Club right?

We want your Book Club!

Adult or Children, serious or just an excuse for drinking wine and eating cheese, we don’t care. In this feature we will be shining a light on Book Clubs large or small, up and down the Country. Hey maybe even around the world. So if you are in one, or know of one, then give us a shout and they just may end up being our Book Club of the Month,

Cramlington Book Club

We’re kicking off with where, for us, it began, with Cramlington Book Club. Now in its 9th year it was created when a local branch of Borders Book Shop (remember them?) closed down taking their very high brow book club with it. Unperturbed a sign was swiftly put up on Sainsburys notice board. A first meeting was arranged (in the pub) and a first book agreed upon (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). There are now 10 regular members, all female of varying ages. A book is chosen randomly for the following month. A score out of 10 is awarded (7 being the most popular rating) and at Christmas the group’s One Rule Of Book Club is enforced – a Christmas Book is read in December. They are a super smashing lot and you can check out their past reads here

The Plough, Cramlington
The home of Cramlington Book Club

From 50 Shades to Vanity Fair.

We put 5 questions to Cramlington Book Club.

Book Social (BS): What has been the group’s favourite book?

Cramlington Book Club (CBC): Last year it was The Dry by Jane Harper however Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine also sticks in the mind.

BS: What genre of books do you normally read?

CBC: Usually fiction. Although in the past 18 months we have probably read more non fiction than the previous 7 years put together. We try to mix it up, so might read a classic one month and then something more modern the next

BS: Is there any books you avoid?

CBC: We usually avoid hardbacks, just for pricing reasons. Other than that we will give pretty much anything a go. We read 50 Shades of Grey one month and even managed to fit in the 1000 page Vanity Fair.

BS: Any amusing tales to share?

CBC: One month we were reviewing A Quiet Belief in Angels by R J Ellory. Two new ladies turned up but thought we were meeting to discuss angels and whether they were real! We informed them we were in fact a book club and invited them to join us. They politely declined and made a sharp exit.

BS: Lastly what is the best thing about Book Club?

CBC: We have all read and loved books that we would never have heard of if it weren’t for Book Club. We are now friends and often socialising outside the group. At Christmas we all get a mystery book as a present. It’s just a lovely place to talk about books with like minded people.

So remember, if you want your Book Club featured contact Book Social now.