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What's your Book Club tipple?

Continuing with our mission to shine a spot light on book clubs, this month we give you not one but two! We meet our first ever Children’s Book Club AND an adults book club that ONLY reviews children’s books!

Chicken and Frog?

Both book clubs are run by Chicken and Frog, an independent Book Shop in Brentwood. The shop is a specialist children’s one with a tuition centre and little cafe corner. They stock an eclectic range of titles from baby to teen, run a weekly writing club, rhythm and rhyme sessions, events and of course, two book clubs.

Book Social (BS) So Chicken and Frog, tell us about your Book Clubs:

Chicken and Frog (C&F): We run two book clubs, the first being a children’s book club that meets once a month in the shop for children aged 9 and up. That one has been running for about 5 years and is a very relaxed informal affair.

Our second group is a chatty and vibrant book club for adults who love children’s books. This also meets up once a month and will very shortly be celebrating its first birthday.

BS: We LOVE the idea of an adults book club that only reads children’s books. There are some fantastic books out there at the moment that adults are missing out on as they are classed as being for children.

C&F: Yes it’s lovely. We nabbed the idea from the super lovely author Chitra Soundar

BS: What book(s) are the two groups currently reading?

C&F: Both groups are currently reading The Jesse Tree by Linda Hurcombe.

The Jesse Tree
A murder at the manor, a face at the window and bikers out for revenge!

BS: How do you decide on books for the two groups?

C&F: For both clubs three titles are selected for the members to vote on. An emphasis is placed on new titles whilst looking out for any books that have slipped through the PR net.

The voting process can often become quite heated! But, it has resulted in people finding a new author that they never would have considered reading before, which is what it’s all about.

BS: Important question, what are the groups favourite book club tipples!

C&F: Well there are no tipples at the children’s book club but we are partial to a bit of cake, or biscuits. or both!

BS: Lastly, what’s the best thing about being in a book club?

The fact that you get to read books that you may not usually choose for yourself and also to meet equally bookish people.

We Want You!

Thank you to Chicken and Frog for taking part in our latest I’d Rather Be At Book Club feature. If you’re ever in Brentwood do pop in and say hello to them.

Remember if you are part of a book club and would like to see it featured then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Chicken and Frog
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