I read it in a book …….. Cauliflower for brekkie

cauliflower for breakfast?

NEW FEATURE ALERT!!!!! Every month Book Social will be doing something from a book. Not necessarily wandering out to the desert to die or rearing lions but maybe following a walk referred to or watching a film mentioned. All because… I read it in a book.

Be more vegan

Veganism has never been more popular. We are surrounded by cook books putting avocado in our mousse, making courgette into spaghetti and cauliflower into rice. Now I’m not vegan, but I do get a lovely veg box delivered each week which forces me to approach family meals from a veg based perspective. So I’m constantly on the look out for new ideas when it comes to turnips, cabbage, cauliflower…

I was therefore intrigued when my eyes fell on ‘Cauli’Flour Kitchen’ by Amy Lacey featuring lots of recipes all involving the humble cauliflower. Pizza made from cauliflower? I’m in!

Cali'Flour Kitchen

Cauliflower for breakfast?

Alongside the now standard cauliflower recipes (crust for pizzas and cauli rice) there were some really tasty offerings (spinach and artichoke pizza) and some unexpected ones such as french toast and porridge. Cauliflower? For breakfast? Challenge number one decided upon!

The challenge

I decided on the Cinnamon and Apple Porridge purely because it seemed less effort than the other breakfast offerings. The French toast alone required you to make Lacey’s ‘white bread’ which in turn required you to make ‘cauliflower meal’ before you had even thought about dipping egg to bread. I’m normally a cornflakes in the bowl kind of girl so ease of recipe was definitely the deciding factor.

Cinnamon and Apple Porridge
Cauliflower porridge – Cali’Flower Kitchen stylie

The porridge requires a hefty 8 tablespoons of other ingredients to the 2 cups of cauli rice. That’s not including cinnamon, salt, apple, almond milk, almond extract and (rather surprisingly) cardamom! It was quite easy to make, the biggest faff being the grating of the cauliflower as I don’t own a food processor. You basically shove everything into a pan and stir which even I am capable of at 7am.

shove in a pan and stir
shove in a pan and stir

Cauliflower Challenge Complete!

The final result looked quite similar to the photo in the book but the proof was always going to be in the pudding (or should that be porridge?) It was quite sweet from the almond extract, the texture with the nuts included was pleasant and no, it didn’t taste of cauliflower. Yet as I progressed through the bowl, having polished off the nuts and picked out the coconut I found my enthusiasm waning. The fact that underneath it all, it really was just cauliflower at 7.15am was inescapable and one I wasn’t too keen on.

The final result
the final result

To Cali’Flower or not?

The book, whilst a great concept, is a little pizza heavy. Even the desert section seemed to consist of pies that looked suspiciously like sweet pizzas. Each receipe also requires a fair bit of prior preparation that I’m not a big fan of. There are pages and pages however of cauliflower receipes all clearly labelled as to whether they are gluten free, vegan or keto friendly. This makes it perfect for those with allergies or eaters who avoid certain food groups. It’s also useful when catering for fussy eaters as by the time you’ve put the banana, cinnamon, maple syrup and coconut on their french toast they are not going to care about the fact it has cauliflower hidden in there somewhere. Parents currently weaning could also look to it for inspiration – pizzas are after all a very friendly finger food.

Bring on the challenges!

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