I read it in a book…. beachcombing in November!

plastic in your tea

After the launch last month of our new feature, #IReadItInABook where we ate cauliflower for breakfast we asked our readers to suggest some book related challenges for Book Social to try. Our lovely friend Glynis jumped at the chance and lucky for us there wasn’t a cauliflower in sight.

No more plastic

The book suggested was ‘No More Plastic’ by Martin Dorey. He’s the man behind the #2MinuteBeachClean initiative, designed to fight plastic by asking everyone to give up 2 minutes to pick up plastic from beaches. Building on this, No more Plastic highlights the main ways we use plastic and what we can do to reduce our useage.

No More Plastic

Plastic in your tea!

All you have to do is visit the supermarket to see how prevalent our use of plastic is. Rows and rows of plastic bottles containing shampoo, ketchup and cola. Apples shrink wrapped for your convenience and a little plastic bag offered to put your already plastic wrapped chicken in. I thought I was pretty aware when it came to my use of plastic. However reading No More Plastic horrified me as to level it is present in our lives. Did you know that even teabags contained plastic in the glue that holds the teabag together?

The challenge

It was half term, I live 4 miles from the beach. I had three children to entertain so decided in a fit of ‘lets do this’ to do the #2MinuteBeachClean. Much wrapping up of children later, I emptied three Halloween plastic buckets of treats to make way for our plastic collection and off we went. On one of the coldest windiest days ever. ‘Only 2 minutes, only 2 minutes’ I chanted to myself (and 3 unimpressed children) as lips started to turn blue. Stopwatch started (well mobile phone timer set) and the Halloween buckets began to fill. We collected items such as chocolate wrappers, take away cartons and crisp packets. 120 seconds later and I was surprised to see all three buckets full. In just two minutes. From a beach that on first sight wasn’t full of rubbish.

plastic collection
collected in just two minutes

Plastic Challenge Complete!

I wouldn’t say that spending time on a beach in England in November is my idea of fun. However I was shocked at just how much we collected and the children genuinely didn’t mind it for two minutes. Whilst leaving I got talking to a member of staff from the local fish and chip shop. They too had heard of the initiative and during the summer offered a free ice cream to anyone who presented a bucket full of plastic that they had collected on the beach. Awesome idea! A two minute beach clean is free, it’s a nice little family activity and we will be doing it again. Just maybe not in November.

What can I do?

Two minutes is nothing and the book really is easy to read with useful suggestions that can easily be incorporated in to everyday life. You can even do it from your armchair. Download the Refill App that shows you where you can refill your reuseable water bottle for free in places such as shops and cafes all around the UK. Then sit back smug in the knowledge you have done something worthwhile. Whilst drinking a cup of loose leaf tea of course.

Bring on the challenges!

If you have a book related challenge you would like Book Social to complete, or if you have done something purely because you read it in a book let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to tag us on social media #IReadItInABook