Frostheart by Jamie Littler


What do you get if you cross How To Train Your Dragon with Nevermore and Brightstorm? Our Children’s Book of the Month for September – Frostheart!

Frostheart – The Blurb

Way out in the furthest part of the known world, a tiny stronghold exists all on its own, cut off from the rest of human-kin by monsters that lurk beneath the Snow Sea.

There, a little boy called Ash waits for the return of his parents, singing a forbidden lullaby to remind him of them… and doing his best to avoid his very, VERY grumpy yeti guardian, Tobu.
But life is about to get a whole lot more crazy-adventurous for Ash.

When a brave rescue attempt reveals he has amazing magical powers, he’s whisked aboard the Frostheart, a sleigh packed full of daring explorers who could use his help. But can they help him find his family . . . ?

New is good

The children were so excited to get their hands on a book that wasn’t even in the shops yet (it’s not published until 3rd October). Where as the book was brand shiny and new, this was actually the first time we could really use our knowledge of previous books, Brightstorm in particular, when discussing the story. Only instead of Skyships, we were travelling in a giant sleigh named, Frostheart. We had glimpses of Nevermoor – Ash feeling like an outcast in his home settlement of Fira. We also got nods to How to Train Your Dragon with terrible monsters lurking underneath the Snow Sea. Could Ash tame them like Hiccup did with the dragons?

Check out the artwork

Jamie is an illustrator by trade and you can tell (in the proof copy at least) as the accompanying pictures are stunning. We used this to discuss illustrators in general, how important they are to books for this age group and how some are instantly recognisable – Quentin Blake being the most recognised. We also had a little fun and took part in our very own Frostheart Treasure Hunt. We followed clues to find various books holding the letters of a character’s name. Although no-one could be persuaded to sing any of the clues like Ash does!

Bring on the next one

It was a little cliched at times but it was popular with both genders and everyone is keen to read the next one in the series (it’s a trilogy). We’re going to have to wait ages for book two though, well that is what happens when you read a pre-release copy!