Eye for Eye (Talion Book 1) by J K Franko #BlogTour

Eye For Eye by J.K Franko

“When I first met Susie, she appeared to be a normal, happily-married woman dealing with tragedy. Then, I uncovered her secrets. While I could understand everything that she’d done, I could never approve. But, knowing what she was capable of, it became clear that if I was going to survive her, I had to play by her rules. And, the first and most important rule is… leave no singing bones.”

Eye For Eye Review

The book gripped me from the start, and like a crocodile in a death roll, twisted and turned and never let me go. I had no idea who the narrator was, or where the book was going to go, which really intrigued me. I love originality, and the book delivered this in bucket loads. Without giving too much away the plot was tense, both in the lead up and the aftermath to the climax of the story. I found myself really routing for Susie and Roy despite my objections.

I loved how everything fitted together and how clever the plot was. Franko kept the momentum up right to the end and I can’t wait to see what he delivers with book two (the series is a trilogy). A word of warning for this book though, make sure you are a couple of seasons in to Game of Thrones first before you read!

What’s in a name?

So I did some research in to where the name of the series (Talion) comes from. As well as relating to the law of Talion (an eye for an eye) and being the name of the book’s publisher, Talion is also the player-controlled protagonist in middle earth, (as in Lord of the Rings). That’s player-controlled protagonist – just think how that relates to this book. Did Franko know about the Lord of The Rings link when choosing the name of the series? If he did, bloody brilliant!


My thanks go to Talion Publishing alongside Anne Cater’s Random Things Through My Letterbox for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I loved it and I’ll definitely be reading the next book in the series, Tooth For Tooth.

Eye For Eye