Book Picks for Father’s Day

Catch 22

It’s Father’s Day on 16 June and no matter if the dad figure in your life is a couch potato or a shed fiend we have the perfect book picks.

The spy wannabe

Did you know there has been not one, not two but SIX authors of the official James Bond books? Filming of the 25th Bond movie (working title Shatterhand) is taking place as we type but isn’t scheduled for release until 2020. Forever and a Day the latest Bond book written by Anthony Horowitz was only released in paperpack in April this year making it the perfect present to tide over any Bond fan.

Forever and a Day

The Bear Grylls wannabe

The obvious choice for a man who fancies himself as a urine drinking, arctic surviving ninja is the very large back catalogue by Mr Grylls himself. If in reality Dad is more likely to mistake a sock for a polar bear and thinks Poison Ivy is only a character from Batman then maybe something that encourages more armchair reading than camp chair adventures is needed. Popular TV show SAS Who Dares Wins features several man mountains who have conveniently written memoirs. So will it be Ant Middleton, Jason Fox or Ollie Ollerton? We will just stick their pictures below and let you decide!

The comic book reader

He grew up on the Beano, Spiderman, Wolverine and then never really moved on. But you can’t buy someone a comic for Father’s Day can you? Well how about a graphic novel? Horizontal Collaboration explores the taboo of sleeping with the enemy during World War Two. A risque choice of subject matter however the hardback is well worthy of a coffee table whilst still retaining that comic book feel. Check out our review of it on 26 June.

Horizontal Collaboration

The sofa athlete

If the idea of stretching for the remote is too much for Dad then Saturday 3PM by Daniel Gray is the book you need to buy. Detailing 50 delights of modern football in short sharp blasts. It’s the perfect book to be read in a pub. Preferably with a pint of beer in hand.

Saturday 3PM

The Fact Boffin

If Dad is never without an invaluable piece of information then have a browse of At Home, Mother Tongue or The Body all by Bill Bryson featuring fact after fact about homes, the English language and the human body respectively.

History wise Anthony Beevoir is slowly building a back catalogue of epic proportions when it comes to World War Two. Arnhem The Battle For The Bridges being his latest offering. If he likes it you have birthdays and Christmas covered for the next few years easily.

If you’re wanting to avoid the War then George III, a Personal History makes excellent reading and is full of Royal titbits.


The Netflicks Addict

If a Box Set is more their thing why not try gifting the book the TV series was based on? George Clooney’s Catch 22? That’s a book. Sandra Bullock’s Birdbox? Book! Poldark? Outlander? The Night Manager…you guessed it, books! And there is always the gazillion paged Games of Thrones if that TV slot is still lying empty.


The Nature lover

A true-story of 24 hours on Mount Everest during which 8 people died. A journey to the wild ends of our planet, or a perhaps into the worlds beneath our feet? These are all non fiction offerings for Father’s Day that offer nature lovers something a bit different from David Attenborough (love him as we do) or Alan Titchmarsh.

Let us know which book you pick for Father’s Day.