August Round Up


Welcome to our round up of all we have read, written and reviewed in August.

What we have read in August

We hit the ground running this month with not one but two Blog Tours straight off the bat. The Misfit Tribe was a Young Adult mystery that harked back to The Goonies and provided nostalgia by the bucket load. It was also written by J K Rowling’s cousin!

The Photographer of the Lost by Caroline Scott was about the aftermath of World War 1. Set in France featuring photographer Harry and the wife of his brother (but the love of his life) Edie, it’s currently our READ OF THE YEAR.

Is Monogamy Dead? Was the question posed by Rosie Wilby. Alongside this and phrases such as ‘breadcrumbing’ and ‘polymory’ the part memoir/part study was a real eye opener. We’re pleased to confirm it’s very much alive thank you.

A pacy debut that turns the classic missing person plot on its head, whereby it’s the ones who are missing that are the dangerous ones. This was Gone by Lenora Deakin and it was good!

The Crow Road by Iain Banks has an exploding granny, unrequited love and a missing suitcase carrying a manuscript that possibly contains a devastating family secret…

Positively smouldering, Caraval by Stephanie Garber introduces to Scarlett and Julian and for this reason alone I now want to read its sequel – Legendary. There is also magic, deadly games and an illusive ringmaster if this Young Adult book takes your fancy.

Last up was A Great and Terrible King by Marc Morris. In this biography we found out why Edward I wasn’t the confessor, or even the first of his name. But he was the man who defeated a face painted Mel Gibson.

Books of the Month

White Houses by Amy Bloom was our Book of the Month for August. It captures both sides of the exquisite beauty/pain of love and has a last paragraph to die for. If you’ve read it, have a go at our Book Club questions or a read of our Big Review.

White Houses by Amy Bloom
White Houses by Amy Bloom

We went 1960s sci-fi with our children’s Book of the Month – A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. I didn’t enjoy it but we had fun creating alternative universes and aliens. We also introduced some book club questions if you want to get in on the act.

A Wrinkle In Time
A Wrinkle In Time


Whatever you were up to this bank holiday we had a book for it with our suggested Bank Holiday Reads. We also took the time to chat to Taking Wing author Clemency Crow.

Read of the month for August

It will come as no surprise that our current READ OF THE YEAR pips this prize this month. The Photographer of the Lost is immense and you need to read it. We were lucky enough to be given a proof copy before its publication in October. Just look at its beauty:

The Photographer of the Lost by Caroline Scott
The Photographer of the Lost

Added to the shelf

A book all about the publication of Doctor Zhivago was pushed through the letterbox this month, look out for our review of The Secrets We Kept on 3rd September. On the back of this, a sneaky purchase of Doctor Zhivago may also have been made!

The Secrets We Kept

Book three in the Roy and Castells series also hit the TBR shelf this month. Blood Song by Johana Gustawsson sweeps from modern day London to Sweden and back to Franco’s Spain. It’s published by Book Social favourite Orenda and promises to be every bit as good as the first two, Check out our review on 11 September.

Blood Song

That’s pretty much it for our August. We would love to hear about yours.